Monday, May 11, 2009

Running Through New England

We started yesterday east of Hartford, Connecticut and ended in Bangor, Maine last night. As we start our daily routine this morning we're heading to the Canadian border and we plan to be home on PEI tonight.

Susan and the boys are back in our home in Santa Barbara. The evacuation orders were lifted for most of the city last night. I spoke to Susan and she's already been busy washing the ashes off the house. She said the fire burned to within a short distance of our home (down to Hwy 192 in two places). Thank you fire fighters! There were crews from all over the state and a full scale air armada of water dropping planes and helicopters.

Thanks to you, our good friends, for your concern and good wishes. We had to miss visits with several dear friends in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. So sorry we missed you.

Sunday, we pulled off the highway for a short stop in Amesbury, Mass. Why? Well, in the 1600's, our pioneer ancestors had a homestead there when Amesbury was out on the frontier.
Our unfortunate predecessor was killed in an Indian raid. His wife shouted and cursed at an Indian attacker, who killed her husband then hit her on the head and left her for dead. She and their son survived...or I wouldn't be writing this.

Amesbury is a nice looking small town on the Merrimac River, just below the New Hampshire border.

The Congregational Church, which would have been home for our family. Amesbury would be a perfect Hollywood location for "small New England Town".

I found some cousins on the Amesbury Civil War memorial.

We stopped for lunch at a locals hangout and talked baseball with the bartender and a couple of local letter carriers. Former Red Sox slugger and now suspended LA Dodger, Manny Ramirez, was a hot topic. The food was fresh and good.

Barry the bar tender at our service.

This morning we're leaving Bangor and will be leaving the states behind in New Brunswick.

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