Friday, May 15, 2009

A Few More From The Road Home

The Big Yellow Truck on Poverty Beach, Murray Harbour North, PEI on May 12, 2009.
We arrived on the evening of the 11th and drove 4,610 miles from Santa Barbara California.
It was quite a ride.

Our last run was from Bangor Maine to the Border, then on into New Brunswick. The shot above is "Down East" Maine on Route 9. We crossed the border at Milltown and had no problem importing the truck. I had all my papers in order which made it simple. President Obama's picture was on the Wall in the US Customs office, (which looks like a drive up / take out place).
Then we crossed the Saint Croix River to Canada Customs. We chatted a bit and got an earful about US politics, the election of President Obama and George Bush. You don't have to get very far outside the States to find out just how much the rest of the world dis-likes our former president.

Here we are coming over the Confederation Bridge from New Brunswick to PEI. The bridge is 8 miles long. Yup, that's a long bridge. We had been invited to supper with friends so our first meal home was surf and turf (steak and lobster) with Greg and Angela near Montague.

Yes, it's lobster season on the island. But prices have collapsed and the fishermen are in trouble.
The word going around now is that lobster is selling cheaper than bologna.

I got the lawn mowed, the car started up and the tractor ready to work. Next morning (Wed.) I woke to a frosty white blanket in the yard.

Annie confronts the frost. It warmed up into the high '60's later in the day but as you can see, mid May or not - it can still get cold at night.

I showed Peter how to hook up the disc harrow and start a parttern in the front field. He was

doing fine so I left him at it. He "made a good job of it" and so we got our first ground broken for the season. I plan to put in a "green manure" crop in here. Peter flew back to Santa Barbara yesterday (Thurs.) so I went from Charlottetown to York and picked up our seed order at Vesey's then headed back down east to Murray Harbour North.

Our road trip story is over, but now the farm work has begun. I'll keep you posted here, so do check back in and visit from time to time. Visiting is important here on the island. You'll be expected to stay a bit and get all caught up on the news. I'll put the coffee on.

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