Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day Two - We Turn Left at Albuquerque

Saturday, May 2

We started off this morning from Scottsdale Arizona. My brother in law, Tom Frazier and I, checked that all systems were go for the road.

Then we were off and running toward Albuquerque. North from Scottsdale to Flagstaff, Winslow, Gallup and into New Mexico. We detoured onto the old Route 66 at sunset for the run to town. We had planned to go all the way to Tucumcari but we just couldn't push that far today. We did have some fun though...

We Stopped around mid-day on the Yavapai Apache Reservation to visit the ancient cliff dwellings.

Then we detoured off the I-40 to Winslow on the old Route 66...

We're stopped in Moriarty New Mexico. It's late. I'm pooped. We have another long day tomorrow.

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