Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From the Farm

Some days, like yesterday, everything goes wrong. The washer had a leak. The car wouldn't start. It was about 60 degrees and REALLY WINDY and showery! I muddled about. I went to Montague and bought groceries. I grumped and growled and went to bed.

Clouds on Dunn Creek

Lilacs and Apples coming into blossom.

Today was perfect. I picked a few pounds of asparagus. I harrowed a field. I worked in the greenhouse and composted some asparagus beds. I weeded, I walked a hay field, I visited my neighbor and had a belt of fine single malt scotch.

Now I'm writing in the shop studio and I'm being dive bombed by these huge dumb clumsy brown beetles.

The frogs are peeping. A coyote is barking in the back field and at 10:00 PM there's still light in the sky from a long northern sunset.

Life is good again!

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