Friday, June 12, 2009

New Friday Podcast From the Farm

CLICK - HEAR the new Friday podcast from the farm!

Hey there...

Big news for me is that my family is in the air, flying overnight on Air Canada from Los Angeles to Toronto - then to Ottowa and then on to Charlottetown, PEI!

I'll be picking them up Saturday afternoon here! I'm so excited I even re-finished the wood floor in the kitchen!

I also bought BB's for the boys BB rifles and I hung a new screen door for Susan...kind of a lame 20th anniversary present maybe? (I wonder which anniversary PVC vinyl goes with?)

It rained all day today, so I was glad I got the potatoes planted, and our WOOFER, (worker on organic farms) Carole, planted the sweet peas by hand yesterday. Carole also vacumed the upstairs, made the boys beds, cleaned one of the bathrooms and did laundry! Thank goodness for good friends who understand our particular form of madness. I made us dinner and she retired to her little borrowed cabin on the shore across the road.

Then I went wild with the floor cleaning and refinishing.

Now here is a real PEI story. My Wi-Fi went out last night. I was sending audio files back to Santa Barbara when it died. So this morning I called local tech support. I politely asked for help since I had a producer in Santa Barbara and another one in New York City hoping to take delivery on some audio tracks...could they please help?

The owner of my ISP came to the farm this afternoon to solve the problem. Now, Wayne Phalen only has one arm, but he's fearless and able enough to get the job done. Next thing I know, Donny is setting up the ladder so Wayne can climb up to the second storey roof top. Wayne decides that maybe the antenna isn't quite up to snuff and the trees, which have leafed out since the installation a month ago, are blocking reception. So, he unscrews the antena mount, re-attaches it to the roof, checks the signal and deems it OK for now. Wayne says that he'll call Gordon and get him out here as soon as possible to install a better antenna.

Did I mention that Wayne was standing on my second storey roof, relocating my antenna in a driving rain storm - with one hand? I was fuckin' impressed boys.

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