Sunday, January 17, 2010

Surfing at Campus Point - UCSB

Surfing Campus Point on Saturday, January 16.   

If you're working or learning at UCSB,  you are a short walk from one of the most popular surf spots in the county.  In fact, the beach is right across the street from some of the student residence halls.  Susan and I took the ten minute drive from our house to Campus Point with her brother Tom and his wife,Susan, on a beautiful day when the sun was out and the surf was up.  The UCSB Marine Lab is in the background.   

When we arrived we scanned the water, looking  for my brother, Peter and my  10 year old son, Toby. For months,  Peter has been teaching Toby to surf.  They started on boogie boards and Toby has gradually worked up to a regular surfboard.  And for Christmas, the family chipped in on a winter wetsuit. We all went out to the beach to see how they were doing.  At The Point there were several dozen surfers bobbing in the water.

Four to six foot waxes were coming in ahead of a Pacific Storm (it's raining today) and the 4 to 6 foot waves were steady all afternoon.

The scene included young guys shredding and a group of old school guys like this one with a woody  - a classic hand built all wood long board!  Dude! Your board is gnarly!  

We spotted Toby in The Cove waiting for a set to come in.

Toby and Uncle Peter turn around and get ready to ride!  Peter was a student at UCSB and has been surfing since the early 70's.  Now he teaches US History to UC students and surfing to his nephew. Maybe this is why some  people say that UCSB stands for UC-Surf-Board

Toby rides in on his knees.  He's just about ready for
his first stand up ride!

We were there as Toby went from knee boarding to standing up to get his first ride the shore without a wipe-out.  And so cool to see him learn to ride the waves with his uncle - a genuine old-school surf dude.    


A 1963 Studebaker Lark - With Owner!  He said his family bought the car used in 1964 and he restored it when he was 16.  Yesterday he took it to the beach and went for a kayak ride (click to enlarge).

Two classics from the same year on the same day!  This 1963 Chevy Bel Air lowrider was in the parking lot while the owner was presumed out in the surf.  Liked the "Praise the Lowered" sign in the window and the hand pinstriping.  "Charp!" (click to enlarge)


mark marino said...

Really enjoy reading a blog that has heart and soul mixed with street classic photos - as a UCSB alum also enjoy the local and surfing pics -
As for your journey , the key to life is to do what you love , after that all else will fall into place - no one farmer or gardener can give you the whole answer but along the way you will build wisdom by adding up all of the little gifts you have learned and received - best of luck on your adventure - mm

John Quimby said...

Hey Mark, thanks for dropping in on my wave! I followed your link. Wow, that's some healthy green manure crop you've got there!

You, know I've heard you advice from a lot of good people I admire and respect...but I don't think a person can get too much positive encouragement! Thanks for your kind words.

And do check back for the series I'm starting on Fairview Gardens Farm in Goleta. I'd like to have your input!

Anonymous said...

I like this place! I love the idea and wish there was a place like this in Astoria, Queens. I am a surfer and found a "real surfer bar" in Point Break NYC. I am kinda jealous ;0PIts filled with surfers, people who like surfers, people who like the beach and people who don't want to live close to town. I really like this place. You know what they have these real Proctor and Channel One surfboards on the wall. It's nice for coming any day of the week and eating a late brunch. The food was outstanding. The brunch and sides were prefect and tasty. It is a perfect "escape" from city living. It is probably one of the only places where you can get a nice frozen pina colada or margarita. The service was on hit. They came up and checked on us so many times and made sure everything was up to par. It gets very active and the bartenders keep everybody having a good time. The bartender was very accommodating. He was nice enough to make a drink, that wasn't on the menu, for me :0) Did I mention the bartenders are nice eye candy. It was amazing to see their “das boot” which is shaped like a boot filled with beer. Don’t get me wrong, I am not drunk…it’s an actual boot shaped beer container ready to be emptied. Try it ..You will love it!! Oh. How can I forget, they even have a wheel o' shots where you just have to spin it and have to drink whatever shot it lands on!! Now call that bar creativity at its best!!! And when I spill a tray full of shots on myself, the bartender so kindly remakes them for me? Good music, too, and the decor helped us weather an otherwise overcast and rainy day. You know that old song "Brandy"? It goes, "Brandy, you're a fine girl, what a good wife you would be. But my life, my lover, my lady is the sea." I believe Brandy works here. No reason, I just do. And that song happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine, so that's a plus in my book. You can simply waltz over to this colorful and warm establishment, enjoy some drinks with friends, and walk home. The bar is right at the center, so you can walk to either side for drinks, and the bartenders are friendly and at your service. There is a variety of seating, good music, and friendly neighborhood people to make your time more enjoyable. Not pretentious, very cozy, I think Point Break is a fabulous place to spend some time with friends.