Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Clog - Getting Caught Up!

CLICK - HEAR for Farm Podcast 17

I've been late getting things posted this week as the pace of farm work has picked up and the weather has been fair and warm. I'm outside most days and falling into bed at night.

Some more highlights from the Dundas Plowing Match -

Draft Horse Pull

The Lovely Heather MacDonald - Queen of the Furrows 2009! Be sure to listen to the podcast for an EXCLUSIVE interview with Heather.

A Family Pack of produce, picked, cleaned and packed was delivered to the winning bidder of our silent auction item. We donated a gift certificate to support local 4-H kids.

Grubby Farmer John gets a kiss.


Barbara Q said...

I'm so jealous of the Queen of the Furrows! But any girl who can drive a tractor and play hockey, and look good in evening wear, deserves to win.

beansgood said...

Oh, how I love your blog and your vision (thanks to Laura-Jane). Your home is gorgeous!! (and your dog... and horses and barn and wide open spaces, LOL)

I'm not an Island girl, per se, but the Island is in my blood. I lived there briefly but visited all of my life.

My mother was born into a family of 12 children, raised in Summerside. My father was from Montreal, joined the military and met my mother while stationed in CFB Summerside (WAY back in the day). You could say I'm connected for life to the Island through Grandma's house, where an Aunt & Uncle live, and molasses cookies (lol). You can imagine how many relatives I have in PEI, many of whom are true Islanders!

When my Hubs and I made our way to New Brunswick from Vancouver, BC some four years ago, I was pleasantly shocked to discover my next door neighbour was my second cousin... Grandma was raised in these Acadian parts, coming from a large family. Way to learn my family tree or what!

I knew you were "from away" when you started talking about how you do your asparagus and those dilled green tomato pickles but I had to keep reading through your story to verify what I was so sure of.... LOL. It was just a gut feeling.

I do blog, ever so humbly and I say that because the blogs I do visit are by such an incredibly talented bunch of individuals (not to mention professionals who network) but if you care to browse my blog, you are most welcome... My first post(s) explain our cross-Canada journey.

I'm a blog newbie so it's a work in progress, but it does attempt to tell a story, however simple. I'm learning to embrace all that is simple. I guess time does that. Or is it wisdom? The mind boggles.

All the very best to you and yours. Wishing you a safe journey back to California. (ever think about roughing it out for a good old Canadian winter?)


John Quimby said...

beansgood -

I wish I could thank you enough for all you've shared.

I've spent ALL DAY on the computer producing audio and a podcast and updating email and blogs posts etc.
No regrets - because those updates bring me good people like you!

I love my island home and Susan and I plan to stay on as soon as circumstance allows.

In the mean time, we enjoy and yet struggle with being split between PEI and SoCal.

I'm posting new material on the blog tonight. But I've promised myself a full day of work on the farm tomorrow.

Thank you for inviting me to visit your blog. I will do it soon.

Meantime, you are welcome to be part of the clan here at Dunn Creek Farm.

John Quimby said...

Barbara - don't you love it?

Can we just find Spencer a nice island girl?

John Quimby said...

For my faithful friends and family I should reference Laura-Jane.

Please visit: