Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Podcast 7/10/09

CLICK - HEAR the Friday Podcast from Dunn Creek Farm


Chip said...

nice job with the podcasts...I was just going to listen to one...but anyone who can make hooking up a well pump sound that interesting....had me clicking on all of the podcasts on the main page.....I love the nat sound in the pieces....the writing is great -- the half hour of sunshine had me smiling......
You and Susan are doing what we would like to do ourselves down the road, but we will have to throw in a border collie and some sheep as well :-) keep em coming.....those are great


John Quimby said...

Thanks Chip. I hope you'll make your own adventure "down the road."

Until then, you're welcome to drop by the blog, pull up a chair and spend a few minutes visiting with us.