Thursday, April 9, 2009

Farm Podcasting - Under Contsruction

This is a test of the new feedburner based podcast link to the Dunn Creek Farm Blog...

And the widget below will let you subscribe to the feed or select a page. You can also copy it to your blog or website!

UPDATE: 4/15/09

I've just added a short bit of audio called "Under Construction" to the podcast link.

I have to admit this whole thing is a lot of fun! I've been producing audio tracks for a long time but I finally have an efficient way to produce my ideas and share them with you! It's only going to get better!

I'm also pleased to announce that my new weekly podcast series from Prince Edward Island is going to be picked up by and included each week in The Homecast Show - a daily podcast program produced in Los Angeles. More linkage and info soon.

To my friends in PEI - I'll see you soon!

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