Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mesclun Salad Greens - California Style

California Mesclun Salad Now Available at:
Dunn Creek Farm
Murray Harbour North PEI
Nabuurs Garden Center
Brudenell/Montague PEI
Phone Your Order: 962-3427

There are many ways to mix up a mesclun salad. The word itself is vague enough to encourage you to try for taste above a specific mix of young greens. Some like big bold leafy greens and textures that will stand up and carry a heavy wave of creamy dressing. Others prefer a light and more delicate mix where the salad itself is the star and vinaigrette offers polite accompaniment.

Our mesclun salad is more likely to be the latter, especially in it's early season, first cut form. This mix was developed in California's wine country so it's not surprising that it lends itself to a light lunch or supper and a traditional olive oil and wine vinegar. Think Mediterranean cuisine - fish and seafood, semi soft cheese, good bread, pasta, fresh strawberries, a crisp white wine and a warm summer day!

The mix contains several sweet lettuces, peppery mustard, tangy oriental flavors and includes the up-and-coming star of the salad world - nutty arugula.

We also add a dash of edible flowers in season; for flavor and bit of extra panache at table. Sometime it's "cucumbery" borage sometimes it's peppery nasturtiums and always it's a mix that is dressed to impress!

Like everything we grow, our mesclun is hand raised in small quantities, so supply is limited. We plant new beds every few weeks and we expect to have a limited supply on hand all summer. Stop by for a free taste!

Until next time, best wishes from Dunn Creek Farm

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