Friday, March 23, 2012

A Post Card From the Farm

Welcome to Dunn Creek Farm, Murray Harbour North PEI!

I call this photo, "rooster of doom" just because of the way the light caught his eye. But really, he may be a "rooster of the future".  He's a chanticleer, the only registered Canadian breed and he was hatched last spring.  We've decided that developing our own breeding flock of chickens is the sustainable choice for our farm and our customers. We're interested in finding and breeding our own heritage birds for pasture raised meat and eggs.

Coming in June 2012:  Introducing The NEW Dunn Creek Farm CSA

A CSA is a "Community Supported Agriculture" program designed to connect consumers and farmers.
We've been selling fresh produce from our farm gate for the past few years. Now, you and your family can have a box of the best our farm has to offer each week through the Summer and into the Fall of 2012.  This offer is limited to 10 memberships this year and we're suggesting it primarily for resident of Southern Kings County. Boxes will be available for pickup here at the farm or at the Cardigan Farmers' Market this season.
More details are available, please leave a comment if you'd like more information.

Dunn Creek Farm Hosts SOIL Apprentices

We pleased to be hosts this summer for 2 young people from Charlottetown who will be living and working here on the farm.  The SOIL Apprentice program is supported by ACORN (Atlantic Canada Organic Regional Network) and PEI Adapt and connects those who are interested in living and working on small farms with local farmers.

Spring is HERE!

Please follow along with our story on the blog this year!



Jo said...

That is a beautiful rooster! We are also trying to get more heritage birds in our girls little flock. I actually happened across your blog in a search for organic farms in Canada. We used to live in MB in the middle of farmers who sprayed their fields and our girls were developing "hay fever" type allergies. We moved in a region in BC where there is no farming and VOILA.. no allergies. Wondering how PEI is for allergens, etc and if you can say how you find it there. I've only been to PEI once as a 9 year old and vowed I would come back one day with my children!

John Quimby said...

Hi Jo,
Thanks for stopping by to visit.
I guess I'd have to say that PEI is still a lovely place to visit. We did and decided to move here.

We do have some conventional farming around us and there is some spraying going on too. But it's much better here than in "the potato belt".

I usually have about 2 weeks of runny nose/itchy eyes in July and I'm guessing it's grass pollen since we're surrounded by pasture and field.

Anyway - hope you manage to find your way back some day!

Terry said...