Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh Lord, Stuck In Halifax Again

This post comes to you from the Halifax, Nova Scotia airport. An airport which has the good sense to offer free wi-fi to passengers who are stuck in airline detention for extended periods of time.

Toby and I left Santa Barbara yesterday after a week of packing, selling cars and cleaning our house. In the past 3 days we scheduled painters, made multiple trips to the dump and learned that our dog has lyme disease. In other words, I was really looking forward to leaving town.
At this point I really need to thank to my brother, Peter and our friends Carole, Kathleen, Lorna, Morgan and Rachel.  And a special shout out to the makers of Paxil, which probably prevented my wife Susan from being taken into custody.   

So yesterday we literally made a mad dash through 6 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic to leave town. The 101 freeway had been a parking lot most of the day so we took back streets through town and stopped to say goodbye to my mom and the house I grew up in.  I was doing pretty well up to that point.     

We met the Santa Barbara Airbus and arrived at the Air Canada check-in at LAX with 5 minutes to spare.  Toby and I went through security and caught our flight to Toronto.  We sailed through customs this morning and made our connection to Halifax.  Minutes after arriving here we learned that our flight to PEI was canceled.  We were told the plane was broken. A bad rubber band for the propeller perhaps?  In any event we were re-booked and here we sit until it's time to depart.  So close and yet so far. We were offered ground transportation into Halifax for the day, but we are both too wiped out to enjoy it and I really don't want to miss the next chance to get home.  Did I mention my cell phone is dead and the charger is still plugged into a wall in California?

But I am calm.  Practically comatose.  And any time I think I might miss the days when we jet-setted back and forth, I'll have this to remind me why it's better to stay home and mind your own business.

Toby hasn't uttered even one word of complaint.  He's just taking it in stride.  And me?  I thought I'd post a few words to you with this gift of spare time. Hmmm. And now I see that there is local beer on tap...


beansgood said...

Well, John, I'm sure you're home by now. I suppose there comes a point, when you're fatigued beyond belief, facing one hiccup after another, where you're just no longer fazed by anything. Your expression in your photo is proof. Priceless!

Perhaps there's comfort in knowing you're not alone in your sufferings. My brother left BC the end of April to come here to NB. They have yet to arrive.

They're stranded in Edmonton with all of their furniture, studio equipment and a ton of tools relating to his trade crammed in a 3-ton diesel truck that made it through the mountains by means of a miracle. At least, this is what the mechanics are telling him as they scratch their heads.

The truck had a burnt (?) valve that could have (should have?) blown the turbo 'fins' (?) plus injector valve and pump problems. All this was discovered three weeks after a visit with friends as they headed out to come here.

They only got 45 minutes out when they ran into trouble. The past couple or more weeks have been spent resolving all the issues with all kinds of run-around (bull crap) by people and unexpected expense.

Fortunately, my brother was able to pick up some work (fast cash) to make up for these costs but what stress! Just the move alone is hard enough.

I'm sure the worst is behind you now as it is for my brother and his wife. I think moving gets harder as you get older. I have made more than one cross-country trip back in the day but my last one was the hardest by far. And I intend to keep it as the last one for as long as possible.

Heather said...

My that's nasty indeed (both tales). Hope everyone arrives safely and has a good rest. Leaving 6+ lanes of traffic is always a good move. Best wishes.


John Quimby said...

Stranded in Edmonton would have been worse for me! Good grief! Thanks Michelle.

Yes Heather, leaving LA traffic behind feels really good!