Monday, November 2, 2009

Cougar in a Devil Suit

Halloween in Santa Barbara.

Friday evening the boys were on the back deck carving pumpkins with friends.
You'll note that they are in t-shirts and's been very warm here.

Pumpkin Carvers

What could be scarier than a group of teenagers?
Perhaps an overweight mom dressed as a slut.

My buddy Ray and I walked our two 9-year-olds through the hottest trick or treat neighborhood in our area. Lots of great displays of Halloween spirit and hundreds of kids with parents roaming sidewalks and streets. All in all it was very neighborly and family friendly. But after a while we began to count the number of cougars in devil suits. Which leads me to:

Today's Street Parked Classic

The old gal is showing her age and some poor treatment at the hands of a careless world, but this Cougar still has classic lines and a certain grace that can make a man's heart race.

1968 Mercury Cougar (Click to Enlarge)

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