Friday, February 20, 2009

Mr. Obama Goes To Canada

It was quite unusual. In fact I don't remember seeing it before. Canada spent an entire 24 hour news cycle at the top of the headlines in the US media.

How refreshing to see Canadian issues treated to coverage and analysis for a full day by the major US media, thanks to Barrack Obama. How refreshing to see a US President discussing issues of cross-border consequence as if Canada's partnership mattered! Wow! No more diplomacy by decree!

I went to the CBC for updates to see how the visit played in the north. Several days of wall to wall coverage by Canadian media speaks for itself.

I noticed that stories here specified that the trinkets Obama picked up to take home were paid for in Canadian currency. A small thing perhaps but a gesture of respect none the less.

Our usually virulent conservative commentariat had little to say about the trip - except to complain about the tax-payer expense of the travel (wtf?). Of course they'll wake up and get good and mad once they realize that Obama picked Canada for a reason.

Social responsibility and economic conservatism seem to work hand in hand in the north. I think President Obama deliberatly highlighted that fact. Harper also mentioned it in the context of NAFTA. When conservatives in the states realize that the Presidents' plan is to level the NAFTA playing field by implementing the kind of social programs that exist in Canada - the beer nuts will fly and right wingers here will go crazy.

For more watch the press conference.

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