Thursday, January 15, 2009

Planning Your Summer Supper - In January

A visitor I was talking to this week asked how things were on the farm.

"Cold" I said.
"So what happens when you're not there?"
"The farm sleeps"

And while the farm sleeps we begin the work that will result in all the good meals we'll enjoy next summer on our farm in PEI.

We're looking at seed catalogs and browsing through the news on organics. I realized today that I could build a link into this blog that would help me and also provide a useful reference for others who may be thinking ahead to planting season.

I've linked the OMRI list to the resources of this blog...partly so I can hit it at a moments notice for product information and partly to make it more available to readers who stop by to visit. If you're planing on doing a little gardening or food growing of your own this year, I suggest you check this site for organic products you can use on your own - and maybe find some superior answers to your plant pest and disease problems.

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